As a ranger of woods and arranger of words, my occupation and vocation are softly bound.

The former allows me to spend an enviable amount of time with my head in the skies over, and feet firmly atop, a place called the northwoods of Wisconsin.

The latter begs me to write stuff down.

Sometimes the two will overlap obviously and show up here as noted reflections of life in the northwoods.

Other times here will be entries more focused on scribing. But don’t be fooled. The former fuels the latter.

As a leaf falls close to its tree, my occupation feeds my vocation. Would that you who read this be as fortunate as me.

This blog is intended to force me to heed my mentor’s admonition “the function of a writer is to write.”

But it is every bit as much intended to be an expression of gratitude to my benefactors. Those who created a life situation for me, some call it a job, to wander the woods with purpose.

with meditation the occupation,
observation the vocation,
the leaf never really falls.

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