Olivetti Who?

It’s Christmas Eve and I’m typing the first words of my first blog and you’d think it’s Christmas morning.  It’s almost 6PM and the UPS guy just dropped off another box of books, and I just handed Arlo some birch kindling to chew and let him out into the deep snow. You’d think it’s Christmas morning.

So what’s this Olivetti reference all about?  It’s meant to establish that the content of this blog will be decidedly analog. I’m no Luddite (I’m typing this on a Macbook Pro and I’ve even been known to listen to a book instead of turning paper pages) but there are times when I want to at least slow the machine down. This will be a place where I will do that.

Ramblings about books I’m reading, stories I’m writing, trails I’m hiking (with one dog in particular) are among likely topics here.  Hemingway said “There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.” (he used an Underwood, by the way).  Let’s just see where this goes.

Another reason for the Olivetti reference – one of the best living authors in America today, Cormac McCarthy, typed all or most of his novels on one Olivetti Lettera machine. That’s somewhere north of five million words. Something tells me this Macbook will crash well south of that…


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